Wednesday, January 13, 2021

NPR: 1/6 Capitol Riot "One Of The Darkest Days In American History"

Look, I'm appalled by the riot and the rioters.
But this just seems like nonsense to me. 
"One of" the how many "darkest days in American history"? 
Surely not ten. Not twenty. Not 100. Probably not 500. 
Without even thinking about it anyone should realize that this is a history that includes Pearl Harbor, Wounded Knee, Spotsylvania, 9/11...limiting this to "days" is already weird. It rules out extended tragedies like slavery and the American Indian genocide...but anyway...the San Francisco earthquake...the opening day of the Battle of the Bulge...again, this is without even thinking about it. 
Look, I'm disgusted by what happened. And it's got to be digested. But I don't see how anyone can seriously say--without a lot more thought--that it was "one of the darkest days of American history." 
I mean...the Battle of Long Island??? Freeman's Farm? Germantown? All 150+ days or whatever at Valley Forge? That's just a few from just the Revolution.
NPR is crap. And politically-biased crap.
Which is--again--not to excuse what happened on 1/6.


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