Wednesday, January 06, 2021

"I Won In A Landslide"

Now, see, that is what we call a lie.
   An actual lie.
   Not a paradigmatic lie, perhaps, since you could argue that he doesn't know that what he's saying is false. Because he's delusional about it... There is a remote possibility that Trump won--there's no possibility that he won in a landslide.
   If this weren't such a tragic day for the country, it'd be almost funny. After four years of the media spinning the hell out of everything he said and repeatedly pretending that e.g. controversial or poorly-stated claims were "lies"...Trump knocks it out of the park in just about his last week in office. Here it is, media! The thermonuclear  lie you've been waiting for...
   He'll now go down in history--with justification--as perhaps the only villainous President. We don't even remember Jackson that way... First--and most directly--because of what he did today. But also--and actually more harmfully--because he has just given progressivism the keys to the kingdom. For four years he was lied about by the left--appallingly so. He lost an election he should have won--gotta be tough. But he decided to throw a tantrum on the way out the door. During which he cut his own dick off, slipped on it, set the house on fire, landed on his phone and transferred all his money to Chuck Schumer...


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