Saturday, December 05, 2020

The Pervasive Bias Of The MSM Gets More And More Perverse

 This is really gross, even though it's actually only at about the 50 yard line as this stuff goes. The really bizarre and gross turning point comes with this sentence: "While Brett Favre is happy to defend Brees’ previous statement, he overlooks the events that have taken place since then." That, of course, makes no sense whatsoever. As if Favre is somehow obligated to agree with all of Brees's (n.b.: contra the post, not "Brees' ") subsequent actions--into which he (Brees) was obviously "bullied". (I mean...I'll admit that I don't really think that mere leftist shrieking constitutes least against the rich...but that's a different point for a different time. He wasn't bullied...he was badgered or cajoled...)


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