Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The Climate Hoax: "Biden's Climate Plan Will Not Address Gender And Racial Inequality"

 Yet more evidence that the left doesn't believe its own story about a climate emergency. If someone actually believed that we had only a decade to reach carbon neutrality (or cut emissions in half, or whatever it is they're saying), he would not be complaining that most construction workers are men; nor would he advocate wasting crucial, possibly planet-saving resources on jobs that aren't directly relevant to reducing emissions. The authors of the op-ed above actually advocate increasing funding to certain professions like health care because they have a lot of women and minorities and don't produce much carbon. That's like saying: our ship is on fire, but most firefighters are men...sad!--so lets fund women poets because that's a low-combustion profession... 

To repeat myself yet again: one reason I don't take climate hysteria seriously anymore is that the progressive left doesn't take it seriously. And the bigger point is: this is the left's M.O.: create or spin or exaggerate a crisis, then use it to ram through policies and social/cultural changes they want for independent reasons. 


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