Thursday, December 10, 2020

Atomwaffen Division

The Atomwaffen Division is one of my favorite (" ") hard-right uber-wacko outfits. Aside from the, y'know, actual violence. Check out the pic here. Missing caption: Hans...are we the baddies? Then. when you're done, you better clear your browser history, my dude...
   The crazy left is obviously our biggest problem right now...and their ongoing red-herring propaganda effort about TEH WHITE SUPREMAZIZTS!!!!111 is so transparent that it can't possibly fool anybody but the truest of believers. But--not that you need me to remind you--the crazy right is still out there...lurking. And, though I generally eschew counterproductivity arguments, there's no doubt in my mind that the cultural hegemony of the crazy left will, eventually, swell the ranks of its opposite number.
   They seem to me to pose different kinds of threats. The crazy left is well-organized, with a kind of structure such that crazy ideas get manufactured in academia and then trickle down to the rest. It long ago embarked on it's "long march through the institutions." The left is playing the long game...and it's winning. It's winning almost exclusively by calling anyone who opposes it racist. It's winning with a word, basically. The crazy right is far less numerous and well-organized. It's as marginalized as it could be. The crazy left is in control of the left; the crazy right is hated and shunned by everyone, including everyone on the right...but then every now and then, somebody over there just blows a gasket...and then the shooting starts. Then, of course, that's used as evidence that we need to crank the leftism up to eleven...and the cycle threatens to repeat itself. Or thus it seems to me.
   In general, I find esoteric Hitlerism a hoot. I if all the other Nazi shit weren't cracked gotta add some woo to it. Not to suggest that supernaturalism isn't already in actual Nazism, of course. Those guys,'s like it was their project to cram in all the bad ideas... 


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