Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Progressivism Is A Web Of Lies And Delusions: Delusional Liar Michelle Obama Edition

Delusions and lies from beginning to end:

"Right now, the President and his allies are trying to tap into that frustration and distract from his breathtaking failures by giving folks someone to blame other than them," Obama said. "They’re stoking fears about Black and Brown Americans, lying about how minorities will destroy the suburbs, whipping up violence and intimidation and they’re pinning it all on what’s been an overwhelmingly peaceful movement for racial solidarity. It’s true, research backs it up. Only a tiny fraction of demonstrations have had any violence at all."

The only question is: in what measure? How much of this, if any, does she actually believe? That is: to what extent is she delusional? And how much of it is she saying despite knowing it's false? That is: to what extent is she lying? Only the proportions are unclear.
   I've carefully watched many Presidential elections. I've always been frustrated with the number and magnitude of lies--though I've always, previously, been sympathetic with the blue team. Among the reasons I no longer am: they've come completely untethered from truth. They live in a web of delusions and lies. Contemporary progressivism is the most delusional, dishonest, and dangerous political movement of my lifetime. And it's the devolution of liberalism into delusional, antiliberal progressivism that has pushed me into a redder sector of the spectrum.
   And, I have to add: stupidity. How stupid do you have to be to think that "there were some other protests that weren't riots" is a valid response to criticisms of a massive wave of violent riots? Terrorism, actually, since they have political ends? If it were, then "there are other cops who aren't unjustly violent" would be a valid response to unjust police killings. The percentage of police interactions that involve unwarranted use of deadly force against blacks is much, much smaller than the percentage of BLM "protests" that are violent riots
   Worst, for my money, is the race-baiting. Trump--and everyone else--has gone out of his way to avoid acknowledging that an inordinate amount of the violence has been black-on-white. Much of it is antifa, and they're mostly white. But Trump hasn't mentioned anything about the race of the rioters. To claim that he has is just a lie--the same lie the left has been pushing for years now. Everyone who disagrees with them is falsely accused of racism. It's their signature move. They accuse Trump (though all the accusations crumble upon actual inspection), they'll accuse you if you publicly disagree with them, and they've already accused you even if you haven't, because they've declared the entire country secretly, undetectably, unfalsifiably racist...
   They're currently on course to unseat a solid, clearly non-racist President who threatens the authority of the swamp they love so dearly. And they've proven that they can win every argument by playing the race card. And the logic of the left dictates that they will never stop. This is your blue future, the progressive dystopia. And a vote for Harris-Biden is a vote for that future.


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