Sunday, October 25, 2020

Longstanding Claims Of Biden Corruption All But Confirmed By Emails

   It's a race, and the MSM seems to have won it.
   If either the full Russiagategate story or the Biden influence peddling story had broken out, Biden would be sunk. But the MSM and social media have been pouring fire retardant on them. All they need to do is keep the conflagration contained until...well...right about now, actually. There's probably too little time remaining to change people's minds even were the stories to break out today. Especially given the high numbers for early voting.
   What this means is probably the best case for Democrats and the worse case for Republicans--and the country. Even if even one of the stories should break through the media fire line, it'll be too late to harm the Dems in the election...and will only serve to hasten the presumed ascendancy of Harris to the Presidency. 
   From my perspective, of course, this is a grim development--or absence of developments--for the country. 
   One of the most depressing parts of it all is that the very people who have squawked about obscure and seemingly fictional violations of the Emoluments Clause for four years don't care--and/or don't know--about these Biden self-enrichment projects that are, apparently, neither obscure nor fictional. In fact, they seem clearly and actually criminal.
   And, again: I realize that most progressives seem to be blamelessly ignorant about all this because they justifiably--but wrongly--trust the MSM. But will this information remain concealed from them forever? If not, what will they do when they find out about it? 
   It's starting to look like democracy really does die in darkness after all.


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