Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Dueling Trump Conspiracy Theories: Bioattack vs. No COVID

Not gonna bother linking, but you can find them out there, esp. on Twitter.
   The new conspiracy theory on the right is that somebody intentionally spread batflu among Pubs either at the ACB Rose Garden event or the debate. 
   The new conspiracy theory on the left is that Trump has no batflu at all; the trip to Walter Reed is a stunt/hoax to...oh, I dunno why.
   At first I thought the former was crazier...but not so! The latter requires a ton of doctors at WRNMMC to be in on it. Which is just not possible. 
   Also--though I don't buy the right-wing theory either--a side that would do Russiagate and then cover it up...well...that's arguably much worse than spreading a mostly-non-deadly disease around the administration. So...less crazy...but still pretty outlandish.
   Dems didn't get it en masse...which could be explained by it having happened at the ACB event. Or otherwise in the White House. Or by masks working. 
   Independently of all this, I tend to wonder whether there really are superspreaders, or certain conditions that are unusually conducive to spreading, or something that makes the contagion "chunky." But that is a wild-ass guess by a dumb-ass layperson. 


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