Sunday, October 25, 2020

Check Out The Beverly Hills Trump Rally

   Giant, genuinely peaceful rallies comprised of ordinary, happy. patriotic Americans...vs. tiny smatterings of skinny, effete "elites" oh-so-eager to wear their masks at every opportunity...or mobs of angry, criminal, black-clad, paramilitary anarcho-communist freaks.
   More and more I think Sowell is right: there aren't really two ends of a political spectrum... Rather, there are: ordinary folk trying to make a living and raise their families and live their lives in the ordinary ways...and the crazy left who wants to burn it all down and replace it with something thought up in the women's studies department last Tuesday. The latter are angry, repulsive, unhinged, violent nihilists. 
   Needless to say, progress is possible. But nothing on offer by the contemporary left looks like a plausible candidate for a rational goal.


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