Monday, September 07, 2020

Michael Anton: The Coming [Democrat] Coup

 I'd write this off as right-wing paranoia...if not for Russiagate (and Russiagategate).

And, well, if not for the fact that leftist mobs are already roaming through cities burning, robbing, beating, and killing (mostly white) people, destroying their cars, threatening them until they profess allegiance to BLM, and climbing on their houses and demanding they give them up so that black people can have them. 

The blue team's response has been to cover up and minimize--and fund--all this, issuing some boilerplate, pro forma, lukewarm denunciation when it absolutely can't be avoided. 

They've already attempted a coup, they're now covering up that attempt, and they've gone ahead and assembled an army for the street fights they seem to be planning after the election.

This would also help explain the somewhat implausible polls. If the polls generally put Biden up, this will bolster their claim to have won. It also helps explain the insane vote-by-mail effort: as others have noted, it's guaranteed to produce chaos, and chaos would be the best backdrop for a (quasi-)coup.

Again, I'd laugh at such stuff as the most abject paranoia...if not for...well...all the evidence that that's exactly what they're up to.


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