Sunday, July 19, 2020

TNR: I Am Hysterically Overblowing COVID-19, But My Parents Are More Rational And Want To See Their Grandchildren, So I Let Them And Everybody's Healthy But I Wrote This Hyperventilating Article About It Anyway

If we’re going to make it through, it’s on us. Everyone should wear a mask, and wash their hands, and stay at home. But it is impossible to expect everyone to follow suit, not only because some people will cheat for selfish reasons but because we are human beings who aren’t meant to live cut off from the people we love. There’s a fairly effective argument both for and against my granting my parents’ wishes to see the kids, and it is the primary reason I haven’t been sleeping as much. How do I live with myself if I deny them memories with their grandchildren? Then again, how do I live with myself if my indulgence leads to an illness?
Does 'we' there mean America? Or humanity? Or their family? Seems like one of the former... But, see...we in that sense are not in danger of not "making it through." Stop being a freaking drama queen. Even though the NYT...and TNR...are telling you to be. It's in no way clear that everybody should wear a mask. Ditto staying at home. All that shit is progressive hysteria. People aren't so much "cheating for selfish reasons" as not believing your bullshit anymore. See, not all of us get all our news from inside the web of lies and delusions that make up contemporary progressivism. And, yeah, there's not really any argument for preventing your parents from seeing your kids. I mean, you could all wear seem to have great faith in those... If you're all basically cowering in your houses as you suggest, then there can't be much chance any of you has caught it. It's not your "indulgence" that might lead to an illness, but your parents' assessment of risks and benefits.
   Honestly, Progressives have turned this into another way to virtue signal. And they've yet again fanned the flames of hysteria until they're panicked. Again. Jesus, now they've elevated the COVID up the danger hierarchy until it's just below WHITE MEN and WHITE PRIVILEGE and GUUUUUUNS!!!!! and GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   These people have problems.


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