Thursday, July 23, 2020

Progressivism Is Totalitarianism

   First, it goes after children--often very young children. See e.g.: the "1619 project." See also Loudoun county requiring that kindergarteners be taught about slavery. And, of course, transgender ideology and actual There's no doubt that this is indoctrination. The only reason to go after such young children is to brainwash them while they're more credulous and pliable. 
   Second, it subordinates facts and evidence to its political dogma.  E.g....well...too many examples to even make a start on...but the most salient now is the BLM indiscriminate police murder lie.
   Third it seeks to avoid the rational assessment of its views by shutting down all criticism via "cancel culture," character assassination, and absurd claims to the effect that disagreement constitutes violence. 
   What are you waiting for? Actual gulags? An official Ministry of Truth? Second-graders waving around that dipshit "invisible knapsack" article like the little red book? What?
   We defend liberal constitutional government or we end up with progressive-left totalitarianism. 
   Time to stop feeding the crocodile. 
   Even if you get eaten last, you still get eaten.


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