Monday, July 27, 2020

Biden's $2 Trillion Green New Deal Is Actually A Democratic Jobs Program

This is something I was convinced of--I think--almost a year ago. 
And I mean: somebody I was reading made the point. I didn't figure it out--I was convinced
As I've put it in the past, everybody thinks that "Green New Deal" means something like:
Like the New Deal in scope and importance...but directed at saving the environment, not at economic ends.
When in fact it means something more like:
Just like the New Deal--a big-ass jobs/economic/entitlement program--but using environmental projects as the means.
The bullshit "climate emergency"...the nonexistent tipping just a way to get what the left wants. And what it wants, in this context, is: a mixture of semi-socialism and "social justice" nonsense. 
   This is how the extremist left operates: it makes up (if we're lucky) or creates (if we're not) a crisis, and then declares that its pre-existing preferences constitute the only way to avert or solve that crisis. The fictional police brutality crisis helped the left create the real crisis constituted by riots and decreased respect for the rule of law. And now--lo and behold--we are told that the only solutions are programs like depolicing and deincarceration (and, somehow: reparations...and all sorts of other stuff...) that they've long advocated.
   Neo-cons did the same thing in Iraq: somehow, mysteriously, an attack by a bunch of Saudi terrorists gave us reason to invade Iraq. Oh, wait...they uh...have "weapons of mass destruction" (a then-newly-made-up category)...and, um...we have just realized that we have "zero tolerance" for "WMDs! Thus was the neo-cons long-held desire to re-engineer the Middle East realized...or, y'know...not realized...
   I'm not necessarily against jobs programs--though I don't understand the economics of them. But I'm against dishonest programs of any kind. And against this practice of inventing crises to effect long-held goals. And certainly against programs based on crackpot science. Or, for that matter: crackpot intelligence. 
   And I'm really, really against the tactic--now most prominent on the left--of insisting that we always have to do what they say immediately and without discussion because either (a) discussion is violence! or (b) (as in this case) we're approaching some kind of tipping point! Do as we say! Not time to explain!
   In defense of Bush and the neo-cons: at least they admitted that they needed to produce evidence. They did insist that we had to act quickly... But they also did produce their evidence. It was shit evidence...but they didn't just tell us to shut up because discussion was terrorism. They did argue that being against he war was "objectively pro-terrorist"... So they were dumbass bullshitters aiming to illegitimately squelch criticism, too. 
   I don't necessarily think it matters who is/was worse--both are bad and dangerous. Although Biden's $2 trillion boondoggle is, at least, unlikely to make us worse off...and unlikely to produce a million excess deaths... So it's got that going for it.

[Incidentally, the authors of the GND admitted that it's an economic program intended to achieve progressive economic goals--e.g. socialism.]


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