Saturday, July 18, 2020

Anti-Racism And Why Progressivism and BLM Aren't

'Anti-racism' is one of the newest buzz-terms of a political faction built almost entirely out of buzz-terms.
The ideas about race that were current when I was young were much, much more anti-racist than the ideas of the current progressive left--which are about equal parts anti-racism and "reverse racism"--i.e. anti-white racism. Progressives like to say that there is no such thing as reverse racism...which is, of course, one of their known rhetorical strategies: anything that becomes a ground of criticism against them doesn't exist: political correctness doesn't exist, "cancel culture" doesn't exist, Pantyfa doesn't exist, reverse racism doesn't exist... Conservatives outmaneuver them on this one by faux-conceding the point and explaining: because "reverse racism" is just racism...
   Real anti-racism was and is the ideal of color-blindness--roughly the MLKian idea of being judged on the content of your character not the color of your skin.
   Progressivism--a mockery of anti-racism--is largely "reverse" racism against whites. 
   The hard thing about genuine anti-racism is: if you look too long into the abyss of white uh...end up hunting white monsters...or...however that all goes... But seriously: the trick is to stare openly and comprehendingly at the history of white racism without becoming so angry about it that you merely reverse the polarity. Some people--mostly those of a more liberal bent--can manage that. Others--e.g. those of a more left-progressive bent--can't. 
Now, if I were them, I'd say: 
They're naturally or inherently racist, and they can't get over that. Their only leeway concerns who they'll be racist against. Having decided not to be anti-black racists, the most natural alternative was to be anti-white racists...
That's got a pleasing ring to it, from a rhetorical perspective, and it leverages the power of accusations of racism against those who typically wield them so indiscriminately and to such great effect...
Hell, there's probably even some truth in it...
But, one way or another: progressivism and BLM, in virtue of having given in to antiwhite racism, aren't genuinely antiracist. They are, in large part, pro-racist and anti-white. And also: creeping ever closer toward anti-Jewish and anti-Asian. (Jews and Asians are sometimes said, by the left, to be "white adjacent.")
Anyway. If liberals and conservatives make an alliance against left-progressivism, and we win, then this country can again have a serious discussion about race. If the progressive left wins...well, that discussion won't happen. Not only because the time of serious discussion will have come to an end, but also because there won't be a this country around anymore, really.


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