Sunday, April 26, 2020

Yes, YouTube Removed A Video About A New Medical Treatment Because NYT's Davey Alba Flagged It As "Violating Community Guidelines"

Listen...eventually this sort of thing has to start mattering to significant numbers of progressives...doesn't it?:
How incredible is this? She’s literally tried to shut down a description of a possible therapy by enterprising scientists because it might actually back up what Trump said. And Youtube pulled it for “violating standards.” What standards? Being something that shows Trump might be right?
There are at least two problems here. First, TDS. Second, the big tech companies that now control much of the public conversation are eager to do the bidding of a political faction that has censorship of opposing views as one of its central ideals. Lies/Bullshit about Trump telling people to inject Lysol are broadcast from every megaphone in Broadcastia. But one obscure YouTube video suggesting that one of Trump's actual suggestions might not have been the abject crackpottery it seemed to be...too far!
   There is a deep, wide, diligent and often sophisticated (though often just brute-force) effort to control publicly-available information so as to relentlessly make one side look good and the other look bad. And there is very little reason to think it won't work.


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