Sunday, April 26, 2020

Do The Pubs Need A Trump Win To Keep The Senate?

I've never really known what to think about "coattails."
I do agree that, if Trump loses, the Senate will likely be lost as well. But that'd probably be because Trump losing would be evidence of less overall red-team popularity. 
So, if you think that keeping the Senate is the most important goal, I'm not sure you'd be wise to spend much money on Trump. Spend it on Senate races.
But, again, I don't really understand this stuff. I will be surprised if the presidency and the Senate don't go the same way.
I think the red team needs to say, basically: Listen; you may not like us, and you probably don't like Trump. But you have to vote for us at least until the blue team comes to its senses again. Right now, a vote for the blues is just not an option. You probably won't admit that in public. You may even have a hard time admitting it to yourself. But your ballot is secret. And you need to be honest at least with yourself. Furtheremore, on a longer-range note: losing is the only thing that's going to straighten them out and make them remarginalize their fringe.


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