Sunday, April 26, 2020

Crapification of Star

Remember how strangely important Star Wars was to some of us for so long? Y'know, before George Lucas and Disney killed it?
   Anyway, the next idea about how to kill it is apparently to make it "female-centric"... ( is that woke enough, leaving out the trans and all?)
   Part of that seems to involve basically demoting Yoda by introducing a set of pre-packaged woke characters for The High Republic that include a woman who'd be contemporaneous with Yoda, but who comes out of the box already described as, basically the greatest Jedi e-var. As if that weren't lame enough in god, the descriptions of the characters are just awful. Not a single interesting or original thing about any of them. Even the names are like bad parodies of Star Wars character names. And speaking of it...where are the disabled characters?? Including dead ones. Why is this so vivocentric?
   Ace speculates that they don't really think they'll attract that many female fans, but that's not the point. The point is to make a political statement by taking something away from the boys. I mean, they hate nerds, and nerds are mostly male, and they hate the things nerds like, and the things men like, and their vindictive political projects can now get funded by the progressive cultural superstructure...if not by academia, then by the news media...and if not by them, then by publishing...and if not by them, then by Hollywood... They pretend to like nerd culture, but they don't. They hate it, and they want to destroy it. This is basically GamerGate 2020.
   I've always liked sci-fi/fantasy/action stuff with female leads and whatnot. Buffy is (or was) basically my favorite show of all time. In fact, what I actually always liked was stuff where there were good characters that weren't invariably standard-issue white guys. But when those preferences became politically mandatory, dictated by our cultural overseers...f*ck that. The left ruins everything.


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