Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Biden Moves Left

Well, there go any hopes of him moving centerward for the general...
   Phrases that should strike fear in the heart of any reasonable person: "big, sweeping change," "systemic change" etc.
   Look, I don't think we have an optimal "system" (whatever that means). But we have what is possibly the best the world has ever seen. That's not (merely) jingoism, that's basically the real judgment of humanity. Lefty types and Europeans will sneer...but the world votes with its feet. This is where people want to come. (Which, incidentally, is part of why we have to keep a tighter reign on immigration--we can't bring in everyone who wants to come here; not by a long shot.) Most changes available to us are bad. We're pretty bad at this sort of thing, especially when we pull stuff out of our...hat...guided by tribal, political passions. To very loosely paraphrase Peirce from a very different context: we can't go on making such changes--let along "big, sweeping" ones--too long without ending in disaster.
   We're talking about a party that is now largely controlled by the passions and quasi-religious commitments of its most radical wing. ( least they have nominated one of their most-centrist candidates...which is great...) It's rapidly become the party of the bleeding-heart Orwellians. It's becoming more and more hostile to the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, elements of the Fifth Amendment, the Tenth Amendment (though that may be changing...) traditional American culture (that has given us the country everyone wants to come to) and even the idea of nations per se. It's Lysenkoist / PC in the extreme, and getting worse every day. The very last thing you want to authorize such a party to do is make "big, sweeping change." That is a blueprint for disaster and we can clearly see it coming. This is no secret. It's right freaking out in the open. It's barreling toward us, bearing right down on us.
   And the demands for big, sweeping change never stop and never will stop. That's not the way the left operates. The ACA was supposed to be the health-care statute to end all health-care statutes...and yet, before the ink was dry...
   Of course, OTOH is Trump. Real estate huckster, reality television star, loud-mouthed narcissistic con man. Spastically, incoherently misleading us through perhaps our greatest challenge since the Cold War.
   OTOOH is the vast, left-wing conspiracy arrayed against him... The VRWC may have been a myth (or not)...the VLWC is right out in the open...and Durham is about to drag some of the hidden parts out, too.
   I'm heartened by the fact that, at the time, I thought that Reagan was a joke, too. But he wasn't. In fact, he won the Cold War for us. And Trump makes some really good actual decisions. The problem is largely his words. It gets harder and harder to tolerate him...but I still think that on the other side lies virtually guaranteed disaster...especially given two likely SCOTUS appointments. I continue to hope that Trump doesn't beclown himself to such a degree that he ceases to be a reasonable alternative...but his antics during the pandemic have made that hope more and more difficult to sustain. Most people decide on the basis of the personality stuff...and that stuff is all coming up Biden...


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