Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Trump Approval Improves Dramatically

From my perspective, this seems pretty unsurprising.
   First, progressives made him out to be a Nazi during the election, even predicting concentration camps and whatnot. No matter what you think of him, he's better than he was represented as being.
   Second, he's actually done a pretty damn good job. Even ignoring the first point, it's hard to argue with success.
   Third, the left has completely lost its shit, and I'd bet money that Trump is going to experience more (as we might say) comparative approval as the election gets closer. Even ignoring the first two points, he's way, way less alarming than the contemporary Dems. As it sinks in that our alternative is going to be an unhinged, hard-left Democratic party, Trump looks better and better.
   Fourth, the main knock against him, IMO, is that he's a loose cannon. Afflicted by TDS immediately after the election, I thought he was going to start a nuclear war via Twitter or something. Such fears seem less reasonable as time goes on.


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