Tuesday, February 04, 2020

The Best-Case Scenario / The Dems' Only Hope?

The more I think about it, the more I think that the best-case scenario--and the only hope for the Dems in the long run--is a Trump landslide in November. God knows it would be a catastrophe if the Dems won the Presidency right now. And if there were coattails and the Senate fell, too...God...I can't even think about it. And a really humiliating (perhaps even Mondale-esque) loss might just slap some sense into them.
   Though if Biden is the candidate, the left will likely argue that his centrism (such as it is) is to blame. Best-case scenario might be Bernie winning the nomination and then getting crushed. Bernie's not actually all that enthusiastic about identity politics...so this could strengthen the crazy wing...but I doubt they can actually win that argument. Warren or some other enthusiastic IP loon getting crushed might be the very-best-case...but I doubt she's got much of a chance anymore.
   So I guess that's what I'm currently hoping for, difficult though it is to believe. It could both keep the currently-far-crazier party out of power, and, possibly, slap some sense into it and move it back toward the center.  Don't think it's impossible to right the ship before 2024...though, admittedly, it won't be easy.
   Also, Trump's SCOTUS nominees have been very good, and better than we'll ever get from any of the current Dems. If he could replace RBG and, perhaps, Thomas, we could get a sane court well out into the future. Also, four more years of Betsy DeVos alone might be worth a Trump victory.
   What a mess.


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