Sunday, February 09, 2020

Still More Antifa Violence

My God these little *****s are loathsome. What a disgusting collection of pathetic, dishonorable *****s. What kind of little ***** uses spray paint as a weapon? And to fight, in effect, against the First Amendment. And they know that they basically control the situation--not merely on account of having numbers, but because they know their targets won't attack first. And once you've been spray-pained in the eyes, it's basically all over. Then there was the little ****-head using a license plate--which he undoubtedly was going to try to cut people with. The umbrellas, however, were probably the ultimate sign of ******ry. At least there was no sign of their signature poop-pee-and-paint bombs...
   These little shits need a bunch of right good ass-kickings.
   Behold, the contemporary left. This is merely one aspect of the totalitarian insanity that's gripped it. And the less-overly-violent sectors of progressivism either support these little ****ers or refrain from criticizing them or criticize them only mildly and obliquely.
   The progressive left is had-core anti-liberal. They've got more in common with Stalin than they do with Madison. And they are only anti-fascist in the sense that Stalin was anti-fascist. They're at least as bad as Fascists. Or, rather: they tend to crumble when they don't have overwhelming numbers and their force is met with at least they're, in that sense, less dangerous. Their vision of government is no less murderous and evil...but at least they're pathetic little cowards.


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