Sunday, February 02, 2020

"#MeToo" Is Part Of The War Against Men; Instead Of Busting Guilty Men, They Want To Make Innocent Men Pliable/Vulnerable

   As a prominent feminist once said to an acquaintance of mine: feminists don't care about justice; they care about power for women.
Instead of pushing for better reasonable ways of busing actual sexual assailants, feminism wants to convince society that any man who is accused of sexual assault is guilty. This would basically put all men at the mercy of all women all the time.
   Fuck that.
   If someone is pushing for the adoption of conventions that would make it possible for anyone to destroy the life of anyone at any time...well, there is absolutely no legitimate purpose for such a thing. It's a pure power play. No only must it be defeated, but anyone working to create such an abomination needs to pay a price.


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