Sunday, February 09, 2020

Maher's The Latest Dem To Realize: Trump Is Bad, But The Dems Are Nuts

It's amazing to me that so many prominent progressives seem to be saying this stuff out loud now:
   ...Maher explained why he believes one of Trump’s favorite campaign lines, “You have no choice,” is likely to work. “He’s saying, ‘Yeah, you may not like me, I may be crude and vulgar and horrible, but they’re crazy,’” Maher said as Trump. As himself, he then added that he agrees there is a lot of “crazy” in the Democratic Party.
   “People read it every week, just these too far out left, woke-y stuff,” Maher continued, warning that if Democrats continue down that path voters will say to themselves, “Yeah, I don’t like Trump, but he’s right, I’ve got to vote for him, they’re nuts.”
   This is not something people on either side normally say about their own faction. Listen to the desperation in Carville's voice, and in Maher's. Seems to me like genuine realization that their side has lost its shit. And Zakaria admitting that Trump is! Which, of course, he is. If I were still a Democrat, this sort of stuff might well panic me.
   And I'm strongly inclined to believe that Trump is right: we don't have a choice. We can either give the presidency to the Woketarian cultists--which is guaranteed inflict grave harm on the nation and send it barreling even further down the road to Crazytown--or we can roll the dice on another four years of Trump. He could start a war with Russia over Twitter...but maybe he won't! He's actually been pretty damn good thus far, policy-wise, hard as that is to believe. He may be a loud-mouthed, narcissistic vulgarian who demeans the office of the presidency...but at least he's not a crazy cultist hellbent on inflicting his quasi-religious delusions on the rest of us. He may not do anything much worse than enforcing immigration laws and letting us keep more of our own money. Or, y'know, it could be the war thing... If he merely avoids gigantic errors and keeps the stock market humming, he'll do far, far more good than harm for the country and the world. And if he does nothing more than keep the Dems out of power and then play golf for the next four years, the benefits of his presidency will far outweigh its costs.


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