Friday, February 07, 2020

CNN Trying To Suppress Any Discussion Of "Whistleblower" Ciaramella; Progressives Victims Of Their Own Propaganda Wing

The other McCain on why CNN is trying to suppress any discussion of "whistleblower" Eric Ciaramella:
   Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts refused to admit Paul’s question in the trial, but why was Tapper playing Twitter tattletale against a Trump campaign staffer in an apparent effort to suppress the name Eric Ciaramella? As Professor Glenn Reynolds has often said, the media in general have become “Democratic Party operatives with bylines.” Their coverage is organized on the basis of what will help Democrats win elections and advance the party’s agenda, and anything contrary to that organizing principle, they consider not newsworthy. Tapper and his network — now consistently third place in the cable-news ratings — are a perfect example of how this principle operates. The decline of CNN illustrates why this one-sided political bias is bad for the news business and ultimately also bad for Democrats.
   How did Donald Trump get elected, after all? During the 2016 presidential campaign, CNN went so all in on its support of Hillary Clinton that its coverage amounted to a massive contribution-in-kind to her campaign. The bias was so obvious during the Democratic primaries that supporters of Hillary’s rival Bernie Sanders dubbed CNN the “Clinton News Network.” Why did CNN treat Sanders so unfairly? Wasn’t it because they viewed Clinton as the more “electable” candidate in the general election? That confidence in Clinton’s electability, widely shared in the so-called “mainstream” media, arguably fed into the over-confidence within the Clinton campaign, which clearly underestimated Trump’s appeal to blue-collar voters in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The media in 2016 conveyed the idea that Trump couldn’t possibly be elected, but apparently 62.9 million voters didn’t get the memo.
   The benefit of having a majority of the new media acting as Democratic propaganda operatives is diminished if (a) Democrats make the mistake of believing their own publicity, or (b) the public becomes aware of the unbalanced nature of what is being presented as “news.” In 2016, biased coverage led Democrats to underestimate the appeal of Trump’s populist message, and Trump made it a habit to call attention to how biased the media really is.
And both (a) and (b) are happening. Nobody but progressives thinks that the MSM is even vaguely objective. And progressives seem trapped in their own echo-chamber, the loudest echoes being produced by the MSM.


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