Thursday, February 06, 2020

Sherrod Brown: In Private, Republican Senators Admit They Voted To Acquit Trump Out Of Fear

This sounds like bullshit from beginning to end.
First, he doesn't give any proof at all for this thesis.
Second, the evidence he does manage to gesture at runs counter to his thesis.
Third, if Republican senators were afraid of the guy, they'd have voted to convict. That'd strip him of all power and eliminate the problem.
This seems like just another edition of Straw Trump Theater.
The guy doesn't seem qualified for the office. But anti-Trumpers somehow can't be satisfied with that assessment. They've got to push further and further, shriek louder and louder, say less and less plausible things. He's got to be a demon. He can't just be an unqualified shithead.
I've heard people say really implausible stuff about him. At least three people I know have insisted that Trump cares for nothing but himself--something obviously false to anyone who observes the guy. He obviously cares about his family, for one thing. He also obviously cares about the country. One of my friends thinks he's, like, a clinical narcissist. Another one bet me $50 that he would "throw his son under the bus" before his first term is over. He wanted to bet more but I wouldn't let him. Obviously it's not going to happen. And of course basically everyone on the left thinks he's a racist...but, then, they think everybody's a racist... so that barely counts.
He doesn't seem like a guy I'd be friends with. He isn't deserving of nor qualified for the office, IMO. But he's not a monster.
And, in fact, he's the guy who's doing the most to save us from the realio-trulio off-the-goddamned-rails-and-not-getting-back-on-'em-any-time-soon progressive left. And that's the most important political project in America right now. So, whatever his vices--and they are seemingly legion--the guy isn't all bad, and is, in fact, doing significant good. And he is, IMO, by far the lesser of the two evils we're going to have the honor of choosing between ten months from now.


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