Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Behold, The Intellectual Left: Gay White Men Are Symbols Of Heterosexuality

Much of the responsibility for sinking the American political left goes to the intellectual left, which completely lost its shit about 40 years ago. 
Here's yet another example.
The intellectual / literary left has turned the humanities into a joke, and its incoherent fads and pronouncements get moved pretty much automatically on to the political / cultural / activist left. So what you get are crackpot political pronouncements based on a free-form method that is engineered to produce aggressively stupid ideas. The rather minimal method of vaguely rational criticism that is the thin tweed line working to keep the very dumbest ideas from taking over the less-crapified sectors of the humanities has been breached in the crappier sectors. There, stupid is chic. The whole point is to produce the most outrageous, overtly political bullshit you can think up. And there's no firewall keeping that bullshit from infecting the real world. In fact, there's something more like a conveyor belt move these ideas into mainstream progressive culture.


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