Sunday, December 22, 2019

Ukraine Call Transcript: A Semi-Careful Reading

Well, turns out I already knew more about it than I thought. My view didn't really change after a somewhat carefuller (it's a perfectly cromulent word) reading.
I dunno, man. Everything seems right on the surface to me. He's straight-up asking them to investigate Biden. I don't see why QPQ should matter. It sounds shady as shit to me. Except for two things:
[1] It's plausible that there were sufficient reasons for any president to ask about such a situation.
[2]  It actually sounds a lot less-bad than the Russiagate shenanigans. (So...what? I'm not sure how that argument goes, but I think there's something there. Like: given the loco way the FBI was acting...something something something...)
So anyway, a semi-careful reading didn't change my mind about anything: I'm weakly inclined to think there were shenanigans, but there's nothing in there that suggests QPQ.


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