Friday, December 06, 2019

The Most Washington Post Op-Ed Ever: Margaret Sullivan, "Wall-To-Wall Impeachment Coverage Is Not Changing Any Minds. Here's How Journalists Can Reach The Undecided"

The mind, it reeleth.
   Ya don't even know where to start with this. The illiberal left has explicitly accepted crazy epistemology and metaphysics for at least 40 years...but they also want to deny it when convenient...and project it onto their opponents. Eat their cake and have it too. And their only evidence is still basically one intentionally-misinterpreted phrase by Kellyanne Conway--"alternative facts." Well, actually Sullivan scrapes up two other, even less-persuasive examples. As I've noted many times, Conway wasn't espousing weird metaphysics or epistemology, she was just saying that Sean Spicer (and Trump) were drawing conclusions from a different subset of the facts than their opponents were. She was bullshitting--but she wasn't advocating weird metaphysics. Progressives ride this horse about as hard as they ride the mythical "all Mexicans are rapists" one. You guys gotta get a better horse. You're charging into battle on one-a these... What mind-boggling dishonesty. The faction that genuinely does advocate weird, antirealist metaphysics and some kind of garbled skeptical epistemology accuses the other side of it...because of course they do.
   But the left is the end of the spectrum where the "social constructionists" live, insisting that...well, whatever the hell it is that garbled mess comes to. Among its more ground-level consequences are: You can change your sex by changing your beliefs! (Or your clothes) You are whatever you "identify as"! "Systematic racism" is even more real on account of being undetectable! And on and on.
   Then there's Sullivan's call to produce an anti-Trump/pro-impeachment beyond sophistry. And her garbled, thinly-veiled attempt to argue that this isn't partisan... Probably because objectivity is impossible anyway, so...


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