Monday, December 09, 2019

The GOP's Our Only Hope, I Reckon

I used to think that, theoretically, at least, the Dems might suddenly come up with a centrist candidate and save our bacon. Now I basically think that the crazy is so deeply-ingrained in the blue team that even such a mythical centrist would be unacceptable, in virtue of sweeping too many illiberal progressive leftists into the bureaucracy. Now I reckon that our only hope is the GOP tightening up the reigns on Trump. He actually seems to be doing a pretty good job...oh, yeah: the looming catastrophe of the deficit notwithstanding. (Incidentally: you want to spend $AGAZILLION fixing a real crisis, fix that one.) If he could be brought down from an eleven on the loosecannonometer to about an 8 or so...well...still at least 50% too loose. But it'd help.
   I suppose now I just don't see any short-term hope for the Dems. Their problems won't be fixed until there's a mass revolt of their center. And even then it'll take time to decrazify them. And I'm skeptical about it happening. Me, I'm switching teams and I'm going to start going to local red team events. See what can be done there.
   Betsey DeVos's great work at Ed. is inspiring me to hope that maybe some real long-term good might be done if the red team can take the center.


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