Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Antipresidential President: Twitterrhea

My God can't that guy just shut up?
I agree that the Dems and progressives have lost their minds--the impeachment is a joke, the Horowitz report is damning, the media's spin is shameless. The left's a rolling, flaming train wreck of crazy.
And I'm certainly not opposed to the president--unjustly attacked by said flaming etc.--pointing it out.
But my God. Have just modicum of dignity, will ya? Just the tiniest bit of deference to decorum?
If the left weren't a joke wrapped in a lie wrapped in a straightjacket, Trump would be starring in The Apprentice II by now. Instead we're on track for another four years of So You Think You Can President. If we're lucky. If you can call that luck.
Can't Warren Buffet buy Twitter and burn it down or something?


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