Tuesday, December 10, 2019

HRC 2020?

Well, I've got to say, against my better judgment, I'm interested.
   In '16, SJW/NPC madness had not yet thoroughly possessed the blue team. I think it's pretty damn clear that neither Hillary nor Bernie were much on board with "social justice" madness back then. Hillary dragged her feet and dissembled pretty much whenever she was forced to speak on that nonsense. Well, much of the time, anyway. Bernie seems to have knuckled under in the interim. HRC? If not, she could be the centrist savior the blue team needs... But I don't know since I haven't been keeping up with her. I wonder whether the loony left wing of the party would revolt?
   Obviously I don't think the Dems are an option in their current form.
   But if HRC gets in, at least I'm listening again.
   She's not my fave rave--but I've always thought she was just fine. Just fine and not stark, raving mad puts her way, way out front of the rest of the blue-team pack in my book.


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