Friday, December 06, 2019

Do "Democrats Hate You And Hold You In Contempt"?

Well, an influential chunk of progressives hate non-progressives (including: liberals) and hold them in contempt...yes. Though any faction has its haters.
   Of course many progressives don't quite know what their radical vanguard believes and does, and wouldn't agree if they did. But progressivism fades off from pretty-much-liberalism into hard-core anti-liberal leftism. And the Dems are a different group...though not entirely. Seems to me that they weren't taken over by the illiberal left until a few years ago. the Dems hate you and hold you in contempt? Well, if you're conservative or liberal white or male or straight or rural...then an influential sector of progressivism does, indeed, hate you and hold you in contempt. And progressives have basically taken over the Dems. But lots of Dems would repudiate that shit if they really understood what was up--or so it seems to me.
   Unfortunately, though, the answer to the question in the title isn't as no as it ought to be...


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