Monday, December 23, 2019

Climate Politics Prediction

Prediction: as we get closer to the imaginary ten-year tipping-point deadline, here's what will not happen:
Progressives will say Whelp, no sense fretting bout this shit anymore; deadline past, tipping underway; might as well lassaiz les bon temps rouler, as the end is nigh...
Instead...well, you know what'll happen as well as I do: It'll turn out that--mirabile dictu!--we were wrong! (Or maybe: the policies we did adopt bought us some time.) We've actually got another ten years (or whatever)! There needs to be a name for that imaginary length of time that seems to play such an important role in such progressive arguments--not long enough to investigate and discuss any further...just long enough to avert impending doom if we implement all progressive policies immediately!!!!1111


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