Saturday, November 23, 2019

Redstate Says Basically What I Said About The Horowitz Report

They said it first, but I just now read it.
   To be clear: I've got no interest in spinning this. The report finds what it finds, and, barring really obvious errors or cheating, we should accept its conclusions. But I guess I do think that it's obvious what our concerns should be at this point--and the fact that we arrived at these conclusions independently says at least something. It's a given that the MSM will spin everything in the blue team's favor. And that they're very likely to try to "get out in front of the story" and "frame" it in a blue-team-friendly way. That really can't be denied. But that also could be an accurate way of representing it. There's always been some skepticism on the right about Horowitz--and much more faith in Durham's honesty and objectivity. But I don't know enough to have an opinion about it. In the absence of any particular reason to doubt Horowitz, I presume he's trustworthy.
   Of course we should all breathe a massive sigh of relief if there's no widespread, egregious "deep state" shenanigans. I certainly will. But the fact that the blue-team media predicts it isn't much reason to believe it.


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