Saturday, November 02, 2019

Obama's "Very Boomer" View Of "Cancel Culture"

Behold some brainless foot-stomping from some brainless lefty or other. There's nothing new in it, and nothing worth clicking the link for. It's just a rehearsal of the mindless PC talking-points that go along with their mindless, juvenile, cultish view. The neo-PCs/SJWs can't handle disagreement--which may very well be the very characteristic that has got them jammed into the cultish niche they're jammed into. They've set up a dynamic such that any criticism from the right is immediately rejected, and any criticism from the left is immediately accepted. Tres surprenant that they've rocketed leftward and over the goddamn cliff, n'est-ce pas?
 So, basically:
Progressives lose their #$@&ing shit and become a dogmatic cult.
So much so that even the last Democratic president has to say "hey, maybe throttle back a bit?"
Progressives respond by dogmatically rejecting even this tepid criticism and insisting on the same bullshit that prompted the admonition.
Well...maybe this guy at the NYT is an outlier! Maybe this will prompt some genuine thought and self-reflection by many NPCs! Maybe th....LOL just kidding. We all know that ain't going to happen.
Progressivism has become the moral and intellectual equivalent of Scientology.
But on the bright side: Obama may become more and more willing to speak to the remaining remnants of American liberalism, and get that remnant to start actively fighting illiberal leftism. I'll bet he won't go too far in that direction before the election, though.


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