Sunday, November 10, 2019

Don Surber: Impeachment Is Not Why Democrats Will Lose

This seems just about exactly right to me.
   As dumb, boorish, unlikeable, embarrassing, antipresidential and truth-averse as Trump is, his platform is pretty normal. A repellant guy who, for example, wants reasonable enforcement of immigration laws is immeasurably better than someone with the right manners who wants more-or-less open borders.
   Demeanor matters. A lot, in my opinion. And Trump's is such that he's basically out of the running...unless he is running against a party that's totally cracked. And, barring some kind of miracle happening in the next six months or so, that's what's going to happen.
   When Trump was elected, I thought: Whelp. This is just about the worst thing that can plausibly happen to us politically. I was foolishly optimistic.


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