Friday, September 06, 2019

Progressives Don't Believe Their Own Climate Hysteria: Kamala Harris / Nuclear Edition

As I keep saying: if you actually believed in climate apocalypticism, you'd insist that we go nuclear. Nuclear has risks--but that shouldn't matter to true believers. If a planet-killing asteroid were going to hit us in 10 years, and we needed a gazillion megawatt laser to stop it, we wouldn't sit around fretting about side-effect--we'd build a bunch of nuclear and fossil-fuel plants. We wouldn't hope for a solar moonshot. But fossil fuels are out if the hysteriacs are right.
   Nuclear has always been a close call...but if you really believe the climate hysteria, then it isn't a close call anymore. No one thinks that nuclear power can have catastrophic effects like those associated with worst-case climate scenarios.
   If they don't believe their own BS, I don't see why we should believe it.


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