Thursday, September 19, 2019

Justin Trudeau Brownface

I really can't stand this guy.
But also: blackface (I had never heard of "brownface") has always just seemed f*cking weird to me--as I've said before, it was kinda hard for me to see what was supposed to make it evil rather than merely stupid. Eventually I figured out that it often was/is a kind of parody of black people--but it seems weird that I had to figure that out on my own. Anyway, we all have our moral blind spots, and I suppose this was just one of mine. It's still not the kind of thing that makes me flip my shit or anything--but I do at least now see what the objection is. This is also the kind of thing such that your average black person has more important/reliable intuitions/reactions than somebody like me. If your average black dude in the street is like WTF???...that matters. 
   So anyway--this stuff wasn't widely-recognized a decade ago. I mean, again, it's always seemed weird to me...but I understand people not recognizing that it was morally reprehensible.
   Anyway, despite my aversion to Trudeau, I think this should be chalked up to an innocent error. Look, dude is SJW all the way down to his ovaries. His PC cred is impeccable. If that guy can't catch a break, then no one can. What's wrong with saying "Hey, he shouldn't'a done that. It's a bit f*cked-up...lesson learned...bad on closed? I mean, look, I'd be happy for him to be thrown out on his ear. But it just seems like an excusable error to me, not some kind of mortal sin.

[Ooooo.K. Well, so much for that. Yer on yer own, JT. I shoulda known better than to tryta defendya, ya ragin' snowflakeya.]


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