Thursday, September 05, 2019

Cathy Young: "(Almost) Everything You Know About GamerGate Is Wrong"

   It's mostly yet another case of the extremist left controlling the public discussion and the levers of power, hence lying and fabulating until the actual facts are hidden beneath a fogbank of bullshit. They've turned a case of nefarious lefties wrecking gaming journalism into...can ya guess? RACISM! Though of the MISOGYNY! Variety. Same thing. Different flavors of the same sort of accusation.
   Young is actually rather too critical of the right. But she gets so much right that I don't feel inclined to complain much. She incorrectly refers to Brianna Wu as 'she' when, in fact, Wu is a man who (mis)represents himself as a woman. This matters, inter alia, because it counts against the story that GamerGate was a campaign of harassment against women.
   [Honestly, how long can this general strategy continue to work as well as it does? The social justice cult pushes for radical, anti-liberal social re-engineering; some people push back; social justice cult blasts out accusations of prejudice. The background idea: any opposition to anti-liberal SJW initiatives is bigotry. Of course this project was assisted by some actual harassment--but, as Young notes, there's evidence that a lot of that was false-flagging and trolling from third parties with no allegiance to either side.]
   But, again: overall, a fine piece of work.


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