Monday, September 16, 2019

A Must-Read: Katherine Kirkpatrick: "How Oregon Built A Transgender-Industrial Complex On Junk Science"

Holy shit.
   It's astonishing to me that the left--obsessed with the hermeneutics of suspicion and quick to trumpet any even imagined confounding self-interest on the part of its political opponents--is completely unconcerned with this.
   Though, honestly, I tend to avoid such "external" arguments, in part because they're so often overblown, especially by the left. Trangender ideology is a train wreck. Any rational person should be able to see that. There should be no need to rely on arguments about hidden economic motives. TI is about as plausible as, oh, say Scientology. Anyone who takes a look--and not necessarily a long look--at it has to see that it's almost entirely nonsense. (Honest question: how long do you think it'll be before you can be fired from a public university for pointing that out?) Experience seems to show that I have a slightly more finely-tuned bullshit detector than most people, fallible though it is. But my God...the radical implausibility of this stuff just hits you upside the head as soon as you hear about it. And it's so weirdly similar to the Satanic Panic! How is it that that social/cultural humiliation was purged so quickly from our collective memory? How is it that we're doing something so bizarrely similar not 30 years later? I honestly would have laughed in your face if you'd have told me about all this ten years ago. (Hell, less than ten, actually.)
   One of the most amazing things in that Federalist piece is the way in which they cooked up the 3% nonsense. The mind, it reels.
   This is why I think political correctness is the most dangerous thing in American (and Western) politics--once you begin to assiduously and systematically subordinate truth and evidence to political dogma--especially wacky, quasi-religious political dogma--things start going to hell fast.


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