Monday, July 29, 2019

Trump On Baltimore: Racist...Though Everybody Knows He's Right...Including Baltimore's Mayor

basically, anyway
His remarks were, as usual, artless, indelicate, tactless, unpresidential...probably some more shit I'm overlooking...
But he's right--take Amtrak to NYC sometime. Look to your left as you go through Baltimore. It looks like you're in a post-apocalyptic hellhole. Or East St. Louis. But you don't say things this way if you're (a) president and (b) want to get something done. I even think it's good to give 'em some extremely straight talk! But not these intemperate, loud-mouthed insults (via freaking Twitter no less...) that are guaranteed to generate opposition--even though what you're saying is basically right.
And, again: accusations of racism by the left have become basically weightless. When that one kid yells 'wolf!' fifty times a day, everybody does and should ignore him.


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