Thursday, July 18, 2019

"Send Her Back" Chant Video

Jesus Christ.
Whelp, just when the Dems were beginning to look like they were being sunk by their own comes Trump. Can he just not stand to see anybody crazier than him? He had a chance to throttle back and let the initial stupidity of his tweets get lost in the slipstream of the 24-hour news cycle...but nooo…. Instead, he decided to "double down" as we are now say all the time... This chanting is chilling, IMO. And him standing up there cavorting to it, Mussolini-like... Goddamn I can't stand that guy. He is bad news. You just don't know where he's gonna go from one day to the next. I have little confidence that he won't just snap in response to something and go down a very dark road--or move down it by increments out of a refusal to ever goddamn admit he was wrong about anything.
(Not that the MSNBC clown show is all that much better. Their quick, clumsy dismissal of the antisemitism concerns that swirl around Omar...Jesus.)
I'm about to say some very bad words if I don't end this right now.


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