Monday, July 22, 2019

Miss Michigan Stripped Of Title After "Racist" Tweets

It will come as no surprise that the tweets aren't racist.
I assume that she means that most murders of blacks in America are by other blacks--which is true. A politically incorrect hatefact. Is it also racist to note that most whites are murdered by other whites? God knows. The left just makes this stuff up as they go along. No, wait...I forgot...they already made something up about that: anti-white racism is a definitional impossibility! Voila! When in a bind, redefine! The hijab comment is also obviously not racist--and not even close to it.
   The PC Gleichschaltung is, of course, the totalization of political correctness--its expansion into all sectors of life, so that any deviation from PC dogma in any aspect of your life can be used to unperson you.
   The craziest thing about all this, to my mind, is the fact that meta-level concerns about this pervasive leftist cultification of society elicits barely a peep from the Americans formerly known as liberals.
   Yes, yes, I know: orange man bad. I couldn't agree more. Orange man very bad. That does nothing to mitigate the massive threat posed by the antiliberal progressive left.
   Besides, I thought only whites could be racist? (at least in America...) Eh, it's easy enough to make up some bullshit gothic epicycle to accommodate whatever new ad hoc judgment the folks at the NYT, Vox, etc. might want it to accommodate...


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