Sunday, July 28, 2019

Gillibrand Proposes $10,000,000,000,000 Climate-Change Plan

If the other guys are right about the climate apocalypse, of course, this is a rational course of action.
If, as I currently am inclined to believe, they are wrong, then...well...what a disaster.
Young people should be especially attentive to this debate. If they're wrong, and if the Dems take office, they are going to take a gigantic pile of be more precise--they are going to take a gigantic pile of your money--and they're going to, basically, put it in a big pile and burn it. No, wait: that's not very environmentally correct... Well, dispose of it. Recycle it into paper straws or something. Actually, as with the Iraq war, they're going to take a giant pile of your money and use it to make the world worse by e.g. taking things that work well (cars, washing machines, air conditioners...) and replacing them with things that work badly. And we're talking about five times more money than the Iraq War cost.
[Yeah, that was a stupid thing to say. The Iraq war was worse than burning money--we spent money to burn military equipment and kill and maim our own soldiers. This would at least get us some clean energy and stuff.]
In case you're too young to appreciate the value of money, consider this: this is money you could have in your pocket. Money for a house. Money for a car. Money to fix your kids' teeth and send the to college (where they will likely be indoctrinated to believe in fake things on which more money can be wasted...). This is money that could be used for medical research--money that might cure the disease that will eventually cripple you or kill your wife. Money is not just money. Money is better life. And wasting ten trillion dollars on something unreal is more or less the same thing as killing and crippling and impoverishing huge numbers of people.
[Not that AGW is unreal; but the looming Apocalypse that we only have tend years to stop is unreal.]
The other guys could be right; that $10,000,000,000,000 might best be used to stave off a real, actual climate catastrophe.
But you'd better think about it. You'd better not just go along with it because it's the politically correct, polite, done thing to do and think. Not just because that's what polite, educated, right people do...


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