Thursday, July 18, 2019

Drum: "Are Democrats Now The Party Of Open Borders?"

Of course this has been evident to me for five years or more. The left has become predictable in certain ways. They begin by making arguments that don't quite add up without some loony, radical-left unstated premise or premises. Then they move--sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly--toward explicit acceptance of the premise(s). They're unpredictable in that new issues/causes will suddenly crop up, seemingly out of nowhere. They're predictable in that, once they do, the orthodoxy moves leftward.
I respect Drum a lot. I think he's best on the wonkier, chartier questions. I think his time at MJ has put pressure on him to keep his head down about the left's headlong rush leftward. I'm glad to see him mention this, finally. I didn't have the heart to look at the comments...which become horrifyingly irrational whenever he has the temerity to step too far out of line.


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