Friday, April 12, 2019

Somebody At the WH Suggests Busing Illegals To Sanctuary Cities; Proposal Is Immediately Rejected; Post Writes Interminable Story About It

Look, this was a shitty idea.
I'm in no way denying that. It was worse than a shitty idea, because this sort of retaliation against political opponents is absolutely right out. a rejected proposal of this kind really worth a long top story in the Post?
Maybe so. I've lost my objectivity, so I'm not in much of a position to say. But I'm skeptical.
The very existence of "sanctuary" cities (and counties and states) is about an order of magnitude more outrageous than this rejected suggestion...but it's easy to dismiss shittiness with such comparisons. Honestly, such comparisons pave the road to perdition.
Though...I thought illegal immigrants weren't bad. Isn't that more or less the thinking on the left? Aren't they, like, a gift from God? The realest Americans? Who do jobs crappy American Americans won't? And strengthen our communities with their beautiful, beautiful diversity and ethnic food and stuff?
So how is busing them to your town retaliation? Shouldn't it be welcomed? Especially by sanctuary cities?
Nah, that's gotta be a straw man. But's not all that far from the progressive view...
Anyway: shitty idea that does say something about the mentality of at least one person (Miller?) in the Trump administration. Though I do think that it's worth keeping in mind that half of the background story that the Post isn't interested in writing about.
I really just can't stand either side anymore. Not that I think that they're doing an equivalent amount of harm. For I do not.


Anonymous Critical Spirits said...

Mom! Mooooom! The MSM is stoking American political tensions for profit again!!!

11:34 AM  

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