Wednesday, April 17, 2019

MIT Librarian: LIBRARIES ARE WHITENESS WHITEY!!!11; Also: U. Of Tulsa Eliminates Departments, Replaces Them With e.g. "Humanities And Social Justice," "Ecology, Environment And Sustainability"

   Yet another thing about the social "justice" cult: it infests every aspect of universities. It's not just the faculty, but the administrators and quasi-administrators, and functionaries. This is not the first evidence I've gotten that it's penetrated pretty deeply into libraries.
   Anyway, the point is: whiteness is bad, m'kay?
   This shouldn't surprise you if you realize that the social justice cult thinks that whiteness isn't a skin color, but, rather, a kind of social class defined by its role in oppression. (Hint: whitey is the oppressor.)  Except, of course, it's really a skin color. And it's people with that skin color that they don't like. So.
   Also, it seems that the University of Tulsa has eliminated departments and crammed everybody into four broad divisions:
"Fine Arts And Media"
"Humanities and Social Justice"
"Human Biology and Behavior"
"Ecology, Environment and Sustainability"
Tell me, if you would, what kind of f*cking morons it takes to do something like that?
Also: nobody bats an eye anymore if universities officially admit that they're out to promote leftist politics, aka "social justice"... But, in a way, 'social justice' is one of their slickest bits of terminological legerdemain: it sounds like it means something like rightness. In fact, it's a name for illiberal leftist politics. It's basically like using the term 'truth' to name your specific theory.
Here's the babble straight from the babbler's blog.
Jesus universities have gotten stupid.


Blogger Pete Mack said...

A big problem with this nonsense is it overshadows genuine work in (say) women's studies. From today's NYT:

This is great journalism on gender bias. It ought to have been published prominently in a journal somewhere. Yet... here it is in the NYT without a reference to any papers on the topic

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