Thursday, April 18, 2019

"Diversity" "Training" Doesn't Work

Since my opinion has swung against "diversity" efforts in academia, and I object to basically any kind of "training" for professors, obviously I'm not too keen on "diversity" "training"... So I'm predisposed to be sympathetic to such a conclusion.
   I don't think there aren't any good ideas in the vicinity of "diversity"...but my God, what a cancerous disaster the idea seems to have become. It's basically become a stalking horse for leftist politics. I can barely stand to hear the word anymore. I have about the same reaction to it now that I had to 'Jesus' before I busted out of the Ozarks. Sometimes I think: If I hear that word spoken in breathy, weepy, ardent tones one more time I'm going to flip my shit...
   Also: how odd that sending people to a political reeducation camp that presupposes they are racist doesn't work... Weird...


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