Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Trump vs. Pelosi/Shumer On Prime Time

I thought both were somewhat reasonable and both somewhat full of it, and didn't go over the transcripts to figure out which was more what. 
   Trump's basically right about expanding barriers, though Congress controls the purse strings and it seems to me that the president forcing a shutdown is an attempt to usurp that authority.
   But I'm not sure I understand anything about government and politics anymore.
   Bad sign that the Dems are fighting more fencing. But, then, I can't even seem to find any information about what the most cost-effective measures are. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cost analysis for a wall is more complex than it seems too, because you have to account for its effect on other border security efforts. So if having a wall allows you to reduce the number of border security agents guarding a particular hot spot for illegal crossings, you should really should deduct the present value of the cost of those agents from the wall's cost. It's entirely possible that it's actually a net credit to our budget on a long time horizon. But, even then, a wall is a big upfront cost, so you need to deal with that too.

Also, the amount Trump is gunning for is frankly small ($5 billion), so I'm not sure how much it would even buy.

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