Monday, January 21, 2019

The Progressive Version Of Events Between The Covington Catholic Kids And The Drummer Is Completely False

   The kids didn't surround him nor taunt him. That's clear: the initial version of the story carried by the Washington Post et al. is entirely false, as is evident in the uncut video. That is: the video before the Post edited it.
   Now people are falling back to various, well, fallback positions:
   Drum dude was trying to intervene to protect the kids from a group called the "Black Israelites". False. The "Black Israelites" were, indeed, harassing the kids, but drum dude was in no way intervening to help. His actions are completely inconsistent with that hypothesis. 
   Drum dude was just trying to walk to the Lincoln Memorial. False. He and his group had a clear path to the memorial, and the kids were to the side. He walked right up to them, past the clear path, and got in their faces.
   The mere fact that so many people can look at this video and see what's obviously not there should put the fear of God into you if you're sympathetic to the contemporary left. This is political correctness in its purest form: allowing political allegiance to overwhelm even clear visual evidence against your theory.
   Seriously, you maybe should look at the Post's comment section just to see how utterly insane and how clearly fact-denying the progressive responses are. 


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